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Since I can remember I've had a love art, poetry and photography. I suppose it comes natural, my father and grandfather were artists. I remember always drawing and having a throw away camera in my hand snapping away pictures. As I got older I didn't pursue my passions because I was distracted by other things. All that I have been through has pushed me even further into my pursuing my passion. 


Over the years I've continued to draw and write poetry even though it wasn't often but I didn't think much of pursuing photography outside of taking pictures of my family. In 2016 that changed, I brought a camera, and it reignited my passion for photography, so I began pursuing that passion on a professional level and created Pure Essence Photography which I later rebranded as Tara Michele Photography.


I am passionate about photography and I am driven. I do my best to capture the best images that I can of my clients to insure they are getting the best quality photography services.


I combined my Sign company and photography business. The sign company was originally owned by my father James "Mike" Triggs, the business was previously known as Art & Sign (est. 1980.) In 2005, when I was about 27, shortly before Mike's death, he passed the business on to me.


I was not expecting his death and knowing nothing about running a business I had a lot to learn and quickly if I was the business was going to survive. I don't give up easily and it wasn't easy, but I somehow kept the business alive and still own and operate it today.

In 2018 I started the photography business. I now provide a variety of services through my businesses. 

My story has ALOT of other twists and turns but I'm saving that for my book ;-)



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I am 46 year old mother of four amazing children, 18, 17, 13 & 10. The 13 year old boy has Mosaic Down Syndrome & Mosaic Trisomy 14 & my youngest and oldest sons have high functioning Autism. So, when I'm not making signs or photographing my clients, I am likely with my babies enjoying every moment I can because they grow so quickly. 

My hobbies are drawing, writing poetry, roller skating, lifting weights, and pretty much doing anything adventurous when I have time. :) I'm also a vegetarian.

  This business is how I support my family. So, when you book a session with me know that I value YOU because without you I cannot provide for them. I will always do my best to provide quality work and products to you.

In 2012 I also founded a nonprofit that serves children with special needs and their families. To find out more visit 



“The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that

is put into your work.”

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