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Tara Sample

CEO | Photographer


Tatum Crutchins

Make Up Artist


Jojo Beasley

Hair Stylist


Janet Triggs

Financial Clerk

Photography Gear
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In 2005, I inherited our family's sign business, Art & Sign, from my father who started it in 1980 to support our family. Both my dad and granddad were artists, inspiring my love for art, drawing, and writing poetry.

After my father's passing, I quickly had to learn the ropes of running the business. In 2016, I reignited my passion for photography.

Today, as a parent of four wonderful children, family is at the center of my life. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my kids, expressing myself through drawing and trying new adventures. Always grateful for the little things.

My journey as a special needs parent has profoundly shaped my perspective, motivating me to pursue my passion for helping others I founded Thisability nonprofit organization in 2012 dedicated to advocating for and supporting individuals with disabilities.

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As the makeup artist at Tara Michele Photography, I'm embarking on an exciting journey to expand my skills and experience in the beauty industry. Alongside my aspirations of becoming a permanent cosmetic tattooer and dreaming of owning my own business, I'm committed to empowering individuals through makeup, especially those overcoming trauma. Joining the team at Tara Michele Photography not only aligns with my professional goals but also opens doors to meeting new people who cherish life's beauty as much as I do. I look forward to growing in this role and making meaningful connections along the way.

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